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Exploring Deformable Digital Musical Interfaces Design Through Design Fiction

Exploratory Study (Study 1) of PhD Research


This digital appendix includes additional detailed documentation related to the research presented in my PhD thesis and the publication cited below. Please feel free to contact Jianing Zheng if you have any questions about this documentation.

Jianing Zheng, Nick Bryan-Kinns. "Squeeze, Twist, Stretch: Exploring Deformable Digital Musical Interface Design Through Non-Functional Prototypes." 2022. In Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression.

Full paper here

DMI Design Workshop

1 / Methodology

Following Andersen’s methodology, the workshop study was structured in following steps: Introduction, Open Discussion, Prompt Activities, Demo and Presentation, and Discussion. The detailed study procedure can be found here

2 / Prompt Activity 

Participants were then provided with Prompt Activities: connect words and drawings to deformable input gestures, including bend, press, stretch, twist, and squeeze. The results of Prompt Activity of the workshop can be found here

3 / Research Artefacts

Participants were invited to use their available materials to build imagined instrument(s) with limited time. The footage of the design outputs can be found here

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